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Do You See the Tipping Points for Free Enterprise in America?

A "tipping point" is the point at which a slow, reversible change becomes irreversible, often with dramatic consequences, which may be good or bad.  Some say that the introduction of the iPhone represents a tipping point, arguably with good consequences.  Others point to the proliferation of sub-prime mortgages as a tipping point because this brought on the recent economic crisis.

CFA assembled 33 people who work on the front lines of business, law, government and philanthropy to discuss potential tipping points that may have serious consequences for the future of Free Enterprise, jobs in America, and the prosperity and freedom of Americans.

CFA asked them to explain in non-partisan terms what they see through their work that will help us all understand the real-world impact of cultural trends, government policies, economic drivers and global competition on our country's future.

Their presentations and interviews are rich with insights and ideas. We hope you will enjoy watching and gain a fresh understanding of key issues in which we all have a stake, so that you can bring your insights, creativity and leadership to your community, state and country.  (Buttons are added when the audio and video is posted.)

Featured Presenter

John Ratzenberger: The Looming Threat to America's Future

Leader of the national campaign to rebuild America's skilled workforce

CFA Summit Tipping Point Presentations (click for alphabetical list)

Lynn Shapiro Snyder: Healthcare Regulation Pitfalls for Employers

Senior Member, Epstein Becker Green

Rebecca Love Kourlis: How the Courts Need to Change: The Transparent Court

Executive Director, IAALS

John Tyler: How Do We Stimulate Entrepreneurship in America?

General Counsel, Kauffman Foundation

Lawrence McQuillan: How We Measure the Health of Civil Court Systems

Dir., Economic Studies, Pacific Research Institute

Tim Pawlenty: What Can Be Done About State Over-regulation?

Two-term Governor of Minnesota

Richard Epstein: One Standard for Pharmaceutical Liability or Many?

Professor, NYU Law School

Craig Haffner: The Media is

Changing Our Values

Emmy-award Winning Writer-Producer;

James S. Haney: When Regulation and Litigation Overwhelm Enterprise

CEO, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce

Anastasia Kelly: Increasing Risks

to Board Membership

Partner, DLA Piper; former Vice Chairman of AIG

Hugh Hewitt: The Media's Impact on the Public's Perception of Enterprise

Host, Hugh Hewitt Show, Salem Radio Network

Philip K. Howard: The Litigation

Lottery is Ruining Our Culture

Chairman, Common Good

Larry Horn: Intellectual Property Laws Protect Everyone


Hon. Harold See: The Role of the Courts

Former Justice, Alabama Supreme Court

Eric A. Rubel: The Role of Business in Protecting Public Safety

Partner, Arnold & Porter

Senator Ronnie Chance: Impact

of Civil Justice on Job Creation

Economic Development Chair, Georgia Senate

Dan Sullivan: Evaluating the Real-world Benefits of Liability Laws and Regulation

Member, Oklahoma House of Representatives

Shannon Goessling: Protecting the Law: Constitutional Rights at Risk

Exec. Director, Southeastern Legal Foundation

Lew Ebert: Business Needs to Stand Up for Free Enterprise

CEO, North Carolina Chamber of Commerce

Glenn Lippman: Coping With

Regulation and Liability in a Small Firm

President and CEO, Novaseal

Deidre Towery: When Small Business Competes With Big Corporations

CEO, Proactive Business Solutions

Rick Homan, MD: Impact of Legal

Liability on Medical Care

President, Drexel University College of Medicine

John Calfee: When Federal Regulation

is Better than State Oversight

Chairman, Common Good

Larry Mocha: Rise, Fall and Rise

Again of Small Companies

President, APSCO, Tulsa, OK

Christopher Clark: Challenges for Boards in Managing Entrepreneurial Risk

National Association of Corporate Directors

Todd Young: How Civil Liability

Shapes Economic Growth

Chief Operating Officer, Center for America

Gene Barr: Protecting Companies from Becoming Plaintiff Bar Targets

Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry

Bob Dorigo Jones: Lawsuit Abuse

is Undermining America's Freedoms

Radio Commentator and Journalist

Lee Habeeb: Business Doesn't Know How to Communicate Through the Media

Chief Content Officer, Salem Radio Network

Domenick C. DiCicco: U.S. Litigation

is Giving Other Nations the Edge

New Jersey Assemblyman

David Thompson: The Media's Impact on the Public Perception of Business

Publisher, The Oklahoman

Robert Norton: The Unintended Consequences of Regulation

Vice President, The Bradley Foundation

Hon. Wallace Jefferson: The Role of the State Supreme Courts

Chief Justice, Texas Supreme Court

Peter Emanuel: Bringing Products to Market in Today's Intellectual Property

Fmr SVP Patents and Licensing, GE

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