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Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, Bucks County, PA

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Middle Bucks Institute of Technology (MBIT) is a high school campus of the Centennial, Central Bucks, Council Rock and New Hope-Solebury School Districts. MBIT operates ten career clusters and twenty-one state-approved career and technical programs for secondary students with staff consisting of approximately 30 professionals and 30 support personnel. Using a competency-based education model, instruction is individualized and self-paced. In addition to secondary students, enrollment in the daytime program is open to adults where space is available. Middle Bucks also operates an adult evening program during the fall and spring semesters that consists of approximately 30 course offerings. MBIT also offers customized training programs throughout the year.


Career and Technical Education programs support students at all academic levels. They provide a foundation of skills that enables graduates to be gainfully employed full-time and/or to pursue post-secondary education. Unlike in the past when the sole focus was on preparing students for work, today’s CTE is aligned with a college prep curriculum. It provides students with both academic and technical skills to pursue a variety of options after graduation to include apprenticeship programs, degree programs at two- and four-year colleges, private career schools, as well as industry-sponsored education and training. Nearly two-thirds of all high school graduates of Career and Technical programs enter some form of a postsecondary program. At MBIT, this percentage ranges between seventy and eighty percent.


MBIT leaders, believe that rigorous academics, 21st century skills, and occupational training will assist in building the foundation of skills and knowledge. Clearly, there is no single approach to teaching 21st century skills. MBIT engages students by providing innovative programs that teach the fundamentals of creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, research, problem-solving, decision-making and the use of technology.

Watch the MBIT "commercial" on YouTube  (16 seconds, prepared by students)

Watch the MBIT promotional video on YouTube  (9 minutes, prepared by students)


Stacy Pakula

Organizational Advancement Coordinator

Middle Bucks Institute of Technology

2740 Old York Road, Jamison, PA  18929

Phone:  215-343-2480    E-mail:



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