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In the face of a critical shortage of skilled personnel entering the wood manufacturing industry, WoodLINKS USA was established in 1998 as a partnership between industry and education. WoodLINKS is an industry driven, secondary and post-secondary woodworking partnership program, helping to build and maintain a strong, skilled workforce so that U.S. manufacturers can remain competitive in today’s challenging economic environment.


The long term intent of WoodLINKS USA is to provide the wood industry with the necessary skilled workers to remain competitive at the entry and middle management levels. WoodLINKS USA encourages a cooperative, big-brother approach between the woodworking industry and the education system. With 64 sites in 16 states, WoodLINKS USA teachers reach thousands of students every day.


WoodLINKS USA is the most complete educational support organization for the wood industry in the United States.  Each year over 10,000 students a year come to understand the personally and financially rewarding careers available to them in the wood industry. WL USA and its group of volunteers, teachers, and students are re-igniting a passion for woodworking careers all across the country. With your help, we will be able to further our efforts and reach even more students eager to learn about our industry.


Teachers are encouraged to look carefully at the benefits WoodLINKS USA can bring to your programs, including a donation package worth over $230,000 in software and supplies. Industry members are encouraged to become mentors, helping to advise and guide schools in their area. Through our association with the Woodwork Career Alliance of North America, WoodLINKS provides certified graduates ready to enter the workforce upon graduation. Visit us at to see how you can become part of the solution to building the workforce of the future


WoodLINKS USA is an incorporated 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization established by forward thinking industry and education representatives. The main office for WoodLINKS USA is located in Tuscola, IL. WoodLINKS USA has two staff members, 13 board members, and hundreds of national volunteers who have a passion for the wood industry and wood education. If you have a passion for the wood industry and wood education, you can get involved on many different levels.



Mark Smith

National Education Coordinator

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Madison College is a WoodLINKS USA site. Here are scenes from a typical day in our training facility:

Student interview:

Instructor interview:




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