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According to the U.S. Department of Labor, in the past few years, increased global competition, lackluster performance by U.S. students in mathematics and science education and a lack of national focus on renewing science and technology infrastructure have created a new economic and technological vulnerability in the U.S. that is as serious as any military or terrorist threat.


Without a rapid response, the U.S. will continue to lose quality jobs to other nations, lowering our standard of living, reducing tax revenues and weakening the domestic market for goods and services.  The truth is, good jobs still exist, but getting one requires more education and technical skills than were previously required. That’s why focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields has become increasingly important and central to U.S. economic competitiveness and growth.


 The 2nd USA Science & Engineering Festival, hosted by Lockheed Martin – developed to increase greater public awareness of the importance of science and to encourage youth to pursue careers in STEM fields – will be held April 28-29, 2012 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and several other locations in the greater Washington, DC area.


The highly successful inaugural USA Science & Engineering Festival – which culminated in a two-day expo in October 2010 on the National Mall in Washington, DC – drew more than 650,000 guests who participated in 1,500 hands-on activities and 75 live performances, made possible by more than 500 scientific organizations. It was the country’s first and only national science festival and the world’s largest celebration of science and engineering.


“The 2012 USA Science & Engineering Festival is already shaping up to be much larger than our inaugural event,” said high tech serial entrepreneur Larry Bock, Executive Director and co-creator of the Festival. “With nearly eight months before our finale event, we already have more sponsors, partners, performers and exhibitors than we did for our first event. We look forward to bringing even more passion and excitement for the sciences and engineering to children and families across the nation and around the world.”


A key addition to the second USA Science & Engineering Festival is the first large-scale Book Fair ( which will highlight featured authors with significant works in the science and engineering fields geared toward a K-12 level of scientific understanding. During the Expo, more than thirty notable authors are scheduled to give 50-minute presentations during the 2012 Festival on their books, including a 15-minute question and answer session, followed by a book signing.


Current featured authors include award-winning children’s science authors Seymour Simon, Joy Hakim, Sean Connolly, Dia Michels and Bruce Degen. Professional scientists and authors Lisa Randall, Robin Cook, Homer Hickam, Jeffrey Bennett and Celeste Baine will make science accessible and fun for all audiences. Publishers are asked to nominate national authors who have published books from January 2011 through April of 2012 in the areas of science, math, engineering, technology and innovation to participate in the Book Fair.





Laura Angle

Festival Community Outreach

USA Science and Engineering Festival    Phone:  512-659-1136





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