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Dick Rush, Vice Chairman, Center for America

As CFA's Vice Chairman, Dick is leading CFA's sustained initiative to provide multimedia and website tools to state and local Chambers of Commerce that will help their members understand and act on their great stake in supporting government policies to reduce barriers to free enterprise.  These include barriers include excessive liability laws, over-regulation and rebuilding America's skilled workforce.

Dick served as President and CEO of The State Chamber of Oklahoma for 23 years until his retirement on March 31, 2010. Under his leadership, The State Chamber became a national leader in passing many pro-jobs laws including a landmark tort reform law in 2009, workers comp reform, a Right-to-Work Constitutional Amendment in 2001, plus many other successful business campaigns.

Dick is also Chairman of Rush Strategies LLC, an association management and advocacy organization that helps business people and trade organizations speak out with impact on policy issues crucial to their bottom lines.

Prior to joining The State Chamber of Oklahoma in 1986, Dick served for nearly six years as Regional Manager for the United States Chamber of Commerce’s Southwestern Office in Dallas. For four years he worked at the California State Chamber developing a Legislative Action Program for Small Business and as Executive Vice President of CACCE.

He began his chamber career at the San Francisco Chamber and later took the helm of the San Rafael Chamber. His 38-year Chamber career spanned seven states and many foreign economies.

Dick has served as chairman or board member of a wide range of business and civic organizations including: Chairman of the Council of State Chambers (COSC), the Oklahoma Business Roundtable, Oklahoma Business Circle for Arts Education, Salvation Army Advisory Board, Governor’s International Team, Oklahoma Technology Commercialization Center (now i2E) and Oklahoma 21st Century Research Foundation.

His 20-year work with China has established two Sister State Chambers in the Provinces of Gansu and Liaoning.

Dick Rush


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