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Glenn Lippman, President and CEO, Novaseal Corporation

Glenn Lippman is President and CEO, Novaseal Corporation, based in Boca Raton, Florida. He is a business leader, inventor and serial entrepreneur.

During his 30+ year career, he has helped thousands of people and corporations license and profit from their intellectual property while serving as president of MORE Advantage, Inc. (a Colorado corporation). During the same time, Glenn founded Novaseal Corporation, a U.S.-based Florida high tech engineering and manufacturing company. Novaseal began as a prototype developer for inventor clients of MORE Advantage and within a few years became Glenn’s personal outlet for his numerous inventions and patents involving thermodynamics and industrial automation which have become Novaseal’s top selling products for heat sealing industrial fabrics.

Glenn has published several articles and is a popular speaker on the subject of invention licensing, invention marketing and venues associated with small manufacturers, made in USA and public education issues.

He was also formerly the business representative for Colorado State Standards on K12 education and chaired Board of Advisors of the Colorado Community College system with emphasis on curriculum changes to meet industry requirements. He is an acting director for several entrepreneurial companies.  Glenn has a B.S. in Physics from Florida Institute of Technology.

Glenn has prepared an exciting and compelling website that discusses the "Economics for Growth of High Tech Manufacturing & Innovation in the United States".


Glenn Lippman


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