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David Hall, President and Co-Founder, Diamond Gusset

H. David Hall, Jr. is the President and Co-Founder of the Diamond Gusset Jean Company with responsibility for research, development, marketing and sales. Prior to founding Diamond Gusset, David’s careers included employment with Levi Strauss and Company, as well as VF Corporation divisions including Lee Jeans.

David made a life changing decision in 1987 to develop an entirely new jean concept that incorporated a gusset in the stride for durability and enhanced comfort. He started this bold venture with no seed money and no bank financing. Today the company operates its business strictly from cash flow.

Diamond Gusset Jeans have always been sewn in the United States. All of the company's jeans begin with American cotton, zippers, thread, pocketing, rivets, buttons and patches. The company has been declining offers to move off-shore for years and is proud to keep the art of jean making alive in America.

To help spread the American made message and the unique gusset design concept, Diamond Gusset has over the years entered into endorsement agreements with numerous country music stars and media personalities such as G. Gordon Liddy, Phil Valentine and Alex Jones. Currently, the company is working with the Army-Airforce Exchange Service (AAFES) highlighting the new Kevlar lined Defender Jean.

David founded the company with a vision to make a jean that was durable, functional and American made, the way you remember American jean quality. At no time has David compromised on his early vision and principles.

Diamond Gusset is a classic American grassroots company. The company’s origins began and still remain in Bon Aqua, Tennessee.

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