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Lew Ebert, President and CEO, North Carolina Chamber of Commerce

Lew Ebert became President and CEO of the North Carolina Chamber in 2006. The North Carolina Chamber is a non-partisan business advocacy organization that works in the legislative, regulatory and political arenas to proactively drive positive change to ensure that North Carolina is a leading place in the world to do business.

The North Carolina Chamber’s vision under Lew’s leadership is to be the unifying voice of North Carolina’s diverse business community, and the most unifying business advocacy organization in the state. The state Chamber works to take a forward-looking, proactive role on issues that will positively impact the state’s business climate and quality of life – shaping North Carolina’s future.

The Chamber has a long and rich history as the leading advocate for businesses of all sizes and sectors in North Carolina. The advocacy mission centers on three priority areas: 1) education and workforce development, 2) infrastructure, and 3) competitiveness, or the cost of doing business.
Under Lew’s leadership, the North Carolina Chamber has built a Chamber Federation – a statewide grassroots advocacy partnership of local Chambers, and small business members - to turn its annual Jobs Agenda into competitive advantages to help create and retain jobs for the state’s employers.

Additionally under Lew’s leadership, the North Carolina Chamber has established a non-partisan Political Education Program, providing information and tools for members that allow for effective involvement in the political process.

The North Carolina Chamber is the state affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce and North Carolina’s official manufacturers’ association.

As President of the state Chamber, Lew is a member of numerous boards and commissions across the state, including Leadership North Carolina, the Public School Forum, the Science Festival Board, the Community College Foundation Board, and the Rural Center Board. Additionally, Lew is President and serves on the Board of Directors for the Council of State Chambers, the national association serving state chambers of commerce.

Lew, a Pennsylvania native, brought 26 years of state chamber experience to North Carolina. Lew worked for 23 years at the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce where he held several progressively responsible positions. In 2003, Lew took the post of President and CEO of the Kansas Chamber until he resigned to come to North Carolina.

Lew graduated college in 1980 with a B.A. degree in Political Science from Millersville University.


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