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As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Center for America depends on contributions from individuals, foundations and companies to fund our non-partisan, non-political educational projects. 

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With a handful of part-time staff and many capable volunteers, CFA produces multimedia programs designed to reach millions of people through radio, television and the internet. All of our programs are provided free of charge and we encourage dissemination through the media and on all legitimate websites.  (You are welcome to post links and share all our programs with family, friends and colleagues.)

You can help us call attention to America's coming Tipping Points by making a tax deductible contribution to our general fund through PayPal, or you can designate a contribution to a specific program by sending a check, noting the program, to Center for America, 250 Willow Springs Drive, Roswell, GA 30075. 

Here is a summary of our current programs.  Learn more by clicking on the links on the home page.  

CFA Programs Worth Your Support ...

10 By 20 Pledge Campaign to Rebuild America's Skilled Workforce

You can help John Ratzenberger and CFA expand the campaign to rebuild America's skilled workforce and keep jobs in America through the Pledge Campaign and our outreach to promote local career and technical training programs across America. 

American Jobs and Innovation vs. Lawsuits and Regulation

CFA and Salem Radio's Hugh Hewitt are partnering to bring America an ongoing interview series with outstanding people who explain how over-regulation and over-litigation are destroying the ability of American businesses to keep jobs in our country.  This is the first part of our year-long campaign to focus public discussion on the future of enterprise in America.

Rule of Law Curriculum Program for High School Students

Help millions of students take advantage of multimedia packages being produced by CFA on the role of State Judiciaries, Legislatures, Attorneys General and Governors.  Exciting video and iPad programs reveal the uniqueness and value of America's rule-of-law government.

"Let's Be Fair!" Reveals the Futility of the Lawsuit-happy Culture

You can help keep the commonsense commentaries by Bob Dorigo Jones reaching millions of listeners a week through radio stations and websites explaining how excessive liability and abuse lawsuits are undermining our culture and our economy.

CFA - Salem Radio Network Partnership to Highlight Tipping Points

CFA and Hugh Hewitt are partnering to develop and broadcast interviews with outstanding people who explain how America really works and what people can do to bring leadership and passion to solving problems in their communities.

Online Legal Basics Tutorials to Reduce the Threat of Abusive Lawsuits

You can help CFA expand the free tutorials offered to nonprofit and business managers to help them stay alert to the causes of abusive lawsuits.  These scenario-based interactive learning programs are available to everyone who wants to increase his or her legal literacy!

CFA Videos to Educate Americans About Coming Tipping Points

You can help CFA continue producing outstanding video programs for PBS, web and social media that empower Americans with a fresh understanding of what we can do to solve problems and improve the quality of life in our communities.

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CFA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose programs bring people face to face with issues that affect the future quality of life, economic prosperity and freedom in America. CFA offers a wide range of learning programs and knowledge resources about ways people can get involved to help solve America’s problems. For more information, please contact, Todd Young, Chief Operating Officer at 770-317-2423 or  Center for America, 250 Willow Springs Drive, Roswell, GA 30075    © 2011 Center for America. All rights reserved.