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To download these graphics, right-click on the graphic,

then on the menu that appears,

click on, "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As"

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Center for America licenses these graphics for use only on

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links related to Center for America activities.

Send custom requests to:  admin@CenterForAmerica.org



Link to:  http://www.CenterForAmerica.org/register.html




This is also available as a 300 DPI CMYK graphic for print applications.

Please email snowlan@lawexec.com to request this or other graphics.


Link the above to:  http://www.CenterForAmerica.org/video.html


If you are an employer and have posted jobs with the AJAH campaign, you can

add the graphics above to share the news that you are reaching out to military personnel.

Ask your webmaster to link these to:  http://www.CenterForAmerica.org/pledge/ng/ajah_mm.html

Link to:  http://www.CenterForAmerica.org/register.html
Link to:  http://www.CenterForAmerica.org/pledge/ng/ajah_mm.html
Link to:  http://www.CenterForAmerica.org/webinar.html
Perfect size for Facebook Timeline -- 403 pixels by 151 pixels
Link to:  http://www.CenterForAmerica.org/pledge/ng/ajah_mm.html

Link graphic below to:  http://www.CenterForAmerica.org/pledge/ng/ajah_mm.html

460 pixels by 60 pixels


Link all graphics below to:  http://www.CenterForAmerica.org/pledge/ng/ajah_mm.html

Above is 175 pixels Above is 200 pixels Above is 250 pixels


For Hi-Res 300 DPI Logo for Print Publications, left-click on the graphic to the right.  A high res version will open on a new page.  Then right-click on the image to the right to save it to your hard drive.  

The graphic to the left is 276 pixels by 183 pixels.  It is in GIF format with five pictures that appear in sequence.  Credit National Guard and U.S. Army photographers.


Link to:



Link graphics below to:  http://www.CenterForAmerica.org/pledge/ng/ajah_mm.html

  (the AJAH Main Menu Page)


Link graphics below to:  http://www.CenterForAmerica.org/pledge/ng/ajah_mm.html

120 by 60 pixels  (the AJAH Main Menu Page)



CFA Awards Reception -- October 23, 2014


Honoring 15 organizations for the outstanding commitment and leadership

in helping National Guard members, veterans and Reservists

transition to jobs in the civilian workforce


www.CFAawards.org -- full video, more pictures and downloads


CFA Awards Reception at the Hall of Flags, National Guard Association of the U.S., Washington, DC, on October 23, 2014 Major General Garry Dean (center left) presents the CFA Award to the Education and Employment Team of the North Carolina National Guard.
Brigadier General Ivan Denton, Director of Manpower and Personnel, National Guard Bureau, presents the CFA Award to Nancy Hammer, Sr. Government Affairs Policy Counsel, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Brigadier General (ret) Marianne Watson, former Director of Manpower and Personnel, National Guard Bureau, presents the CFA Award to Stacy Bayton, Chief Operating Officer, Corporate America Supports You (CASY).


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Link to:



Download the Job Posting PDF Flyer for Employers



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